Peter Van Hoesen & Gabi Sultana on Culture Box

Peter Van Hoesen joined forces with Gabi Sultana for a unique performance in an ode to John Cage.  

Filmed in the Salle Wagram, the Variations collection returns for the third season of unpublished encounters between two musical universes. These unique performances are directed by Sourdoreille and La Compagnie des Indes and stream through French media outlet Culturebox. The project invites iconic music composers to accompany you through the talents of a wide range of musically creative artists.

In this case, the late great composer John Cage was the theme for the unlikely duo between Peter Van Hoesen and Gabi Sultana. With Peter’s expertise in synthesis and Gabi Sultana’s undeniable talents as a solo pianist, the pair put together an innovative 30-minute interpretation of John Cage’s ‘Sonatas’. Following the link to the performance, here, you will see that Peter lays down an array of soundscapes and synthesised accompaniments to the avant-garde rhythms of his performing partner as they carefully reimage one of John Cage’s finest achievements in music. 

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