Sebastian Mullaert presents Wa Wu We - 003

Sebastian Mullaert presents the third chapter to his Wa Wu We alias. 

Wa Wu We is the artist alias and vinyl-only label from Sebastian Mullaert. This is the third chapter, crafted in the Swedish woods. The first 6 episodes of the Wa Wu We label will form a collection of records, united by their significant and unique cover art and the way they’ve been recorded; this being the focus on improvising expression, resting in meditation and the nature surrounding Sebastian’s studio.

The three tracks are given no names with the sole attention being on the craft and the music itself. They all possess similar deep attributes but Sebastian explores them in different ways across the EP.  A1 is a down-tempo affair featuring slowly unfolding synth lines and aquatic stab notes which are quite a menacing nature. B1 & B2 are both stripped back minimal cuts, B1 explores the low-end frequencies with playful bass and sub while B2 captures different emotions with very detailed and intuitive melodies. Listen to the tracks in full below! 

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