Sebastian Mullaert presents Wa Wu We - 003

Sebastian Mullaert presents the third chapter to his Wa Wu We alias.

Wa Wu We is the artist alias and vinyl-only label from Sebas­t­ian Mul­laert. This is the third chap­ter, craft­ed in the Swedish woods. The first 6 episodes of the Wa Wu We label will form a col­lec­tion of records, unit­ed by their sig­nif­i­cant and unique cov­er art and the way they’ve been record­ed; this being the focus on impro­vis­ing expres­sion, rest­ing in med­i­ta­tion and the nature sur­round­ing Sebastian’s studio.

The three tracks are giv­en no names with the sole atten­tion being on the craft and the music itself. They all pos­sess sim­i­lar deep attrib­ut­es but Sebas­t­ian explores them in dif­fer­ent ways across the EPA1 is a down-tem­po affair fea­tur­ing slow­ly unfold­ing synth lines and aquat­ic stab notes which are quite a men­ac­ing nature. B1 & B2 are both stripped back min­i­mal cuts, B1 explores the low-end fre­quen­cies with play­ful bass and sub while B2 cap­tures dif­fer­ent emo­tions with very detailed and intu­itive melodies. Lis­ten to the tracks in full below! 

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