In conversation with Suzanne Kraft

Ahead of a trip to Norway, the Jaeger crew got more familiar with Suzanne Kraft in this intriguing interview. 

In his 8 years as an active producer, Suzanne Kraft has made quite the impression. From his many solo projects to his collaborations with the likes of P. Relief and Jonny Nash the American native has amassed a healthy discography that speaks for itself. But who is Suzanne Kraft and where did he come from?

Well, ahead of his club show at Oslo’s favourite party hot spot, Jaeger, the crew took the opportunity to speak with the Amsterdam based artist and dig a little deeper into his history. Without giving too much away, the interview touches on his uprise through LA’s growing music scene, the different approaches to his many aliases and the relation between the music he produces and the music he plays out in his DJ sets. Read the interview in its entirety here

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