Sassy J first NTS show of 2019!

That's right, Sassy J returns to NTS London with her first show of the year.

After a string of fine­ly orches­trat­ed radio shows at NTS last year Sassy J was wel­comed back at the start of 2019 for anoth­er hour of musi­cal delights. 

The show starts off with an almost rit­u­al­is­tic intro of daunt­ing chants that set the tone for the dura­tion of the hour. If you’re already down with Sassy J you will know she’s got a wicked ear for real Hip Hop and RnB cuts which she puts on dis­play in the for­mer half of the show. Cun­ning­ly she brings the ener­gy back down around the mid­point before mix­ing things up in the lat­ter half with an offer­ing of warm house jams, DnB and final­ly clos­ing it out with a sooth­ing touch. 

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