Juju & Jordash Live Slack #3

Juju & Jordash present the third edition of LiveSLACK taken from a live performance at De School. 

LiveSLACK is one of Juju & Jordash’s latest outputs that extracts excerpts from various live, improvised shows in clubs from the past few years all over the world. Their LiveSLACK series is kindly available for free download from their Bandcamp page and in their words “Feel free to download, play out, include in mixes, take a dump to. no strings attached”. 

The third edition focuses on their first live show at one of Amsterdam’s favourite spots De School early last year. The excerpt is taken from their intro, following on from Cashu, where the duo meticulously intwine intricate synthesized melodies before filling the sonic field with hard hitting drum patterns. The third edition follows on from recordings from both Zurich’s Zukunft and Barcelona’s Razzamatazz. Check out all three in the link, here

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