Palms Trax forthcoming EP on Dekmantel

Pull up your socks and tie up your dancing shows! Palms Trax returns to Dekmantel Records with a fiery 3 track EP.  

Over the past several years, Palms Trax has become a key figure at Dekmantel. His sets across their events have “have showed a nearly unmatched capacity for filling floors and creating grooves” and are often highlighted as some of the most memorable performances. Having previously released on Dekmantel Records in 2015 and the following year the young Englishman will return to the label early this year with another assortment of dancefloor fillers that will mark his first solo release since 2016. 

The EP opens up with the title track “To Paradise” which rather fittingly lays down the blueprint for the tone of the whole EP. The cut infuses Italoesque melodies with playful house basslines oozing in those magical summertime festival type vibes. On the flip side, you will find “Love In Space” which follows suit from the opening cut but offers a more atmospheric feel with soft chants and warm pads. Last but certainly not least is “Heron” which pushes the Italo goodness to one side and presents experimental ideas while still giving the body an infectious rhythm to dance to. Catch Palms Trax playing at Dekmantel Festival and Selectors again this year, but for now, get an earful of “To Paradise” below and watch out for this one dropping March 18th! 

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