Suzanne Kraft and Jonny Nash form MATstudio

The collaborative duo present new ideas in their latest musical endeavour.  

Suzanne Kraft has been a staple in the Melody As Truth label with albums such as “Talk From Home” and “What You Get For Being Young” alongside numerous collaborations with label founder Jonny Nash.  Their latest project, MATstudio, focuses on the improvisations, experiments and accidents produced in their shared studio in Amsterdam. The label explains, 

MAT records always aim to encapsulate a particular sound palette or sonic “world”. Whilst the mini-album/EP format is often ideal for this, it is important for us to balance these more measured, conceptual works with the spirit of chaos and spontaneity which often inhabits our studio. MATstudio provides us with an outlet for this aspect of our work.” 

Their debut release under their latest moniker will be presented on vinyl format with “two long-form compositions” that will showcase the range of material coming out of their studio space. In the feature below you will find the excerpts of both side A “In Strange Company He Spoke Softly” and side B “The Land Through Which We Pass”. The two fragments breathe a refreshing blend of organic and electronic instruments that walk the line between ambient, experimental and avant-garde ideas.  Tune in below. 

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