Peter Van Hoesen Truants Podcast + Interview

Peter Van Hoe­sen mas­ter­ful­ly exe­cutes a pod­cast for Tru­ants along­side an in-depth exchange. 

Mark­ing the 238th pod­cast in Tru­ants Tru­an­cy´ series is Peter Van Hoe­sen. Fol­low­ing hot off the heels of the launch of his new label, Cen­ter 91, Peter pro­vides an hour-long affair draw­ing more from an 80s crop of elec­tron­ic music and artists´. Attached neat­ly along­side the pod­cast is a very insight­ful inter­view. Over the course of the exchange, Peter touch­es on his lat­est release Opal Bal­ance, 90´s Bel­gian raves, col­lab­o­rat­ing with Gabi Sul­tana for Sourdoreille’s Vari­a­tions project, his plans for the future and much more. Check out the inter­view here

Tun­ing into the pod­cast below you will find that Peter kicks things off in the for­mer half with a trip down a 90´s Bel­gian ravers mem­o­ry lane. He infus­es the sounds of EBM and New Beat with a com­pelling selec­tion of deep elec­tron­ics. In the lat­ter half things inten­si­fy as Peter plunges into a more con­tem­po­rary array of hyp­not­ic tech­no. As Tru­ants put it, this is Van Hoe­sen at his best´! 

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