Peter Van Hoesen Truants Podcast + Interview

Peter Van Hoesen masterfully executes a podcast for Truants alongside an in-depth exchange. 

Marking the 238th podcast in Truants `Truancy´ series is Peter Van Hoesen. Following hot off the heels of the launch of his new label, Center 91, Peter provides an hour-long affair `drawing more from an ’80s crop of electronic music and artists´. Attached neatly alongside the podcast is a very insightful interview. Over the course of the exchange, Peter touches on his latest release Opal Balance, 90´s Belgian raves, collaborating with Gabi Sultana for Sourdoreille’s Variations project, his plans for the future and much more. Check out the interview here

Tuning into the podcast below you will find that Peter kicks things off in the former half with a trip down a 90´s Belgian ravers memory lane. He infuses the sounds of EBM and New Beat with a compelling selection of deep electronics. In the latter half things intensify as Peter plunges into a more contemporary array of hypnotic techno. As Truants put it, `this is Van Hoesen at his best´! 

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