Xosar's new album receives glowing praise

Your favourite media outlets certainly had plenty to say on the arrival of Xosar’s album ‘The Possessor Possesses Nothing’. 

The elusive Xosar recently presented her latest album ‘The Possessor Possesses Nothing’ which landed comfortably on Bedouin Records, which you can listen to here. The nine-track outing showcases Xosar´s progression in sound merging dark and twisted techno with psychedelic textures “as a kind of industrial-strength sonic soul cleanser.” Following the release was a series of press items sharing a number of opinions and reviews of the album. 

First up was Resident Advisor, which you can find here. They unravelled the album in four lengthy paragraphs and concluded the piece with the following statement.  

Between the veil of cyberpunk gloom and the richly rendered production, Rahman’s latest work is challenging yet far from obtuse. The boldly defined ideas on The Possessor Possesses Nothing suggest she’s winning her fight for musical liberation.” 

Also pitching in on the release were Groove.de with this piece here. The article also included a podcast alongside a short but very insightful interview. In the podcast, you will find Xosar delivers a ruthless and destructive hour of dark electronics. The interview, however, is very warm with a lot of personal insight into her current approach to music. 

Last but by no means least was, this, feature from Telekom Electronic Beats where she shares seven occult techniques that you can use to create real change in your life. A foundation for all of her creative outings. 

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