Xosar's new album receives glowing praise

Your favourite media outlets certainly had plenty to say on the arrival of Xosar's album 'The Possessor Possesses Nothing'.

The elu­sive Xosar recent­ly pre­sent­ed her lat­est album The Pos­ses­sor Pos­sess­es Noth­ing’ which land­ed com­fort­ably on Bedouin Records, which you can lis­ten to here. The nine-track out­ing show­cas­es Xosar´s pro­gres­sion in sound merg­ing dark and twist­ed tech­no with psy­che­del­ic tex­tures as a kind of indus­tri­al-strength son­ic soul cleanser.” Fol­low­ing the release was a series of press items shar­ing a num­ber of opin­ions and reviews of the album. 

First up was Res­i­dent Advi­sor, which you can find here. They unrav­elled the album in four lengthy para­graphs and con­clud­ed the piece with the fol­low­ing statement. 

Between the veil of cyber­punk gloom and the rich­ly ren­dered pro­duc­tion, Rah­man’s lat­est work is chal­leng­ing yet far from obtuse. The bold­ly defined ideas on The Pos­ses­sor Pos­sess­es Noth­ing sug­gest she’s win­ning her fight for musi­cal liberation.” 

Also pitch­ing in on the release were Groove​.de with this piece here. The arti­cle also includ­ed a pod­cast along­side a short but very insight­ful inter­view. In the pod­cast, you will find Xosar deliv­ers a ruth­less and destruc­tive hour of dark elec­tron­ics. The inter­view, how­ev­er, is very warm with a lot of per­son­al insight into her cur­rent approach to music. 

Last but by no means least was, this, fea­ture from Telekom Elec­tron­ic Beats where she shares sev­en occult tech­niques that you can use to cre­ate real change in your life. A foun­da­tion for all of her cre­ative outings. 

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