Interstellar Funk remix for Abstraxion

Seri­ous acid tones in this rework from Inter­stel­lar Funk

Inter­stel­lar Funk pro­vides a remix for the forth­com­ing Black Vul­ture” EP from Abstrax­ion. The six-track out­ing, with a remix also from Black Mer­lin, lands on Jen­nifer Car­di­ni and Noura Lab­ban­i’s Dis­chi Autun­no imprint. 

Pre­miered on Invert­ed Audio, Inter­stel­lar Funks alter­na­tive ver­sion of Deleuze Fight” hits the mark with squelch­ing acid lines and 4/4 crunchy drums pat­terns. He brings the track down into his pref­ered tem­po range but does­n’t fail to trans­late the ener­gy of the orig­i­nal in doing so. Crispy hits, freaked out sequences and a healthy dose of dis­tor­tion, check it out below. 

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