Suzanne Kraft at Red Light Radio

U Kno Who is back with another instalment of ‘Radi U Kno’. 

Suzanne Kraft returns to Red Light Radio with the seventh edition of his ‘Radi U Kno’ show. Previously the LA native has paid homage, in dedicated shows, to the likes of Kip Hanrahan, Secret Circuit, ADN (label) and genres such as Boogie. However, his latest endeavour comes bound by no theme and is a refreshing selection of the past, present and future. 

He sets warm and inviting tones in the opening sequences with a number of calming ambient cuts. What follows is an unpredictable insight into the diverse musical interests of Suzanne Kraft and his many aliases. From downtempo obscurities and oddball electronics to cinematic scores and vocal heavy compositions, the show offers a wide variety of music from several genres and decades. Its free flowing nature plays true to the original concept of a radio show making it a very easy and enjoyable listen. With that being said…Sit back, relax and tune into this one below. 

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