Sassy J Altered Soul Experiment Mixtape

Deep and sacred concepts to be found in this forthcoming mixtape. 

Next in line on Altered Soul Experiment’s mix cassette series is the Bern based selector Sassy J. In this edition, Sassy J gets to showcase a wider spectrum of her creative output as she conceptualises her mix around the “Fruit of Life” which she translates aesthetically into the accompanying illustration. 

For the 13th mix in this series, Sassy J finds inspiration in the “Fruit of Life,” a system of information found in Sacred Geometry. It consists of a structure of 13 circles that is said to contain the blueprint of the universe. Its 13th circle is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the network and, more widely, the universe. It acts as a gateway to higher dimensions and a catalyst for healing.’

Throughout the mix, there is a repetitive theme around spirituality, connectivity and wellness. She creates a great sense of narrative and understanding of her cause by merging broadcasts, interludes, songs, and poems. It’s a strong message and one that speaks great depths about Sassy J as an artist and more.  Check out the preview below. 

Release date: 19th June 2019

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