Peter Van Hoesen - Kelly Criterion EP

Serious dancefloor weapons in this 4 track outing from Peter Van Hoesen.  

Earlier this year Peter Van Hoesen launched his latest imprint Center 91 with the uncompromising EP “Opal Balance”. The new label sees Peter reflect on his experiences of the late 90s underground scene in Belgium with particular references to the, in his own words, intense Brussels warehouse raves. Now, Peter follows up the debut Center 91 release with 4 more high energy constructions wrapped up into this EP titled “Kelly Criterion”. 


A1. Second Hologram Rose
A2. Trim The Facts
B1. Kelly Criterion
B2. Dead Mans Catch

Using his trademark ear for sound design of the utmost detail, each track combines an amalgam of immersive textures to forge intense, driving dance floor bombs. ” 

The Aside see’s Peter make great use of pulsating synth elements that sound like they quantum leapt straight from the 90s. He lightly dresses both tracks in alien motifs, rave fueled stabs and his signature ringing hats. These two really show Peter’s ability to make a lot happen with a little. On the flip, you have title cut “Kelly Criterion” and “Dead Mans Catch”. Here the Belgian tastemaker is more aggressive and direct with his sound. Feral synth lines command the sonic field and build into high-intensity freakouts which Peter occasionally tames as he sees fit.  

Sparking a blazing fire from the offset and dousing it with lighter fluid throughout, Kelly Criterion is a relentless package for the most discerning techno fans. “

Out now!

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