Antal 3voor12 Interview

3voor12 explore how Antal prepares for his larger and longer performances.

Ahead of his high­ly antic­i­pat­ed marathon set at Low­lands this past week, 3voor12 vis­it­ed Antal to see how he was prepar­ing (in Dutch). Meet­ing Antal at his home in Ams­ter­dam, he walks the inter­view­er through his selec­tion process high­light­ing the key dif­fer­ences in prepar­ing for a longer set as opposed to the com­mon hour-long fes­ti­val slot. They then dis­cuss five records Antal knows for cer­tain he will take with him that range from the sounds of Africa to Detroit pio­neers to the mas­ter of funk that is Boot­sy Collins. Check out the five cuts below.

Fran­cois N’G­wa — N’Kene
The For­mu­la — Spir­i­tu­al Vibe
2 Body’s — Asto­ria 
Arp Frique — Rapaz Novo e Malan­dro
Boot­sy Collins — I’d Rather Be With You 

As the week­end was all said and done there were gleam­ing reports from the final prod­uct of Antal’s set. In this piece, here, they high­light how all roads led to Antal on the final night.

Dur­ing his 5.5‑hour set, you also feel that it is con­stant what he is doing: guard­ing his own lim­its. Antal push­es and push­es when he can, switch­es back when he deems it nec­es­sary and shoots in every direc­tion he likes. Soul, dis­co, jazz funk, acid, house, ita­lo, and down­tem­po records that he has fished from every cor­ner of the world, some­times strong­ly set on, some­times more peaceful.”

In addi­tion to this, he also firm­ly made his way into the list of key per­for­mances of the week­end (along­side oth­er Octo­pus artists such as Iden­ti­fied Patient). Check out the list here.

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