Antal 3voor12 Interview

3voor12 explore how Antal prepares for his larger and longer performances.

Ahead of his highly anticipated marathon set at Lowlands this past week, 3voor12 visited Antal to see how he was preparing (in Dutch). Meeting Antal at his home in Amsterdam, he walks the interviewer through his selection process highlighting the key differences in preparing for a longer set as opposed to the common hour-long festival slot. They then discuss five records Antal knows for certain he will take with him that range from the sounds of Africa to Detroit pioneers to the master of funk that is Bootsy Collins. Check out the five cuts below.

Francois N’Gwa - N’Kene
The Formula - Spiritual Vibe
2 Body’s - Astoria 
Arp Frique - Rapaz Novo e Malandro
Bootsy Collins - I’d Rather Be With You

As the weekend was all said and done there were gleaming reports from the final product of Antal’s set. In this piece, here, they highlight how all roads led to Antal on the final night.

“During his 5.5-hour set, you also feel that it is constant what he is doing: guarding his own limits. Antal pushes and pushes when he can, switches back when he deems it necessary and shoots in every direction he likes. Soul, disco, jazz funk, acid, house, italo, and downtempo records that he has fished from every corner of the world, sometimes strongly set on, sometimes more peaceful.”

In addition to this, he also firmly made his way into the list of key performances of the weekend (alongside other Octopus artists such as Identified Patient). Check out the list here.

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