Interstellar Funk Dekmantel X Boiler Room 2019

A great weekend may have come to an end but the memories shall forever remain. 

Dekmantel Festival 2019 may be done and dusted but only in its physical form. To be found on the Boiler Room stage this year was local hero and Dekmantel regular Interstellar Funk. Marking his second performance on the Boiler Room stage, and the third appearance on the platform altogether, Interstellar Funk left no stone unturned in making his mark at this year’s event. 

Just as any great artist since his last Dekmantel X Boiler Room performance in 2014 Interstellar Funk has been honing, refining and maturing his sound. This has seen him explore into the darker side of electronics and also launch his own label Artificial Dance specialising in sounds as such. So, in this affair, Interstellar Funk showcased his progression in his usual flawless fashion. Check it out below! 

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