Young Marco – ‘Bahasa’ RA review

Resident Advisor offer a gleaming report on Young Marco’s highly anticipated second album to date.

After several years in the making, Young Marco’s Bahasa album on Island Of The Gods made its way into the public domain last month. The full length sees Marco fuse contemporary western ideas with the indigenous sounds of the Indonesian archipelago including Bali. Now, several weeks on from the release, Resident Advisor has taken the time to review the album in great detail.

Without giving to much away the lengthy review starts by reflecting on Marco’s early beginnings as an artist and how they have seemingly led him to create this album. It then goes on to explore the creative process behind Bahasa making key distinctions from the previous releases in the Island Explorers series. 

“While some entrants in the Island Explorers series were inspired by inhospitable wilderness, Bahasa is an unflaggingly relaxing experience. Its aim is not to challenge but to calm, and it successfully recreates the atmosphere of Balinese zen that attracts so many visitors to the island.”

Get the full scoop here.

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