Function New Album Incoming!

Get ready to question your Existenz’ this coming winter.

Function is all set to release his second solo album to date, Existenz. His previous full-length landed on the prestigious Ostgut Ton and with this outing, he adds Tresor to his heavyweight list of labels. Existenz is compiled from a series of recordings from late-2016 to mid-2019 and features collaborations with house icon Robert Owens and Function’s partner Stefanie Parnow. 

 ”The album focuses on themes of religion, sexuality, trauma and healing and is said to be more ‘expansive and celebratory’ than the Berlin-based artist’s usual style of techno.”


01. ‘Sagittarius A (Right Ascension)’
02. ‘Pleasure Discipline’
03. ‘Ertrinken’
04. ‘Growth Cycle’ (feat. Robert Owens)
05. ‘Zahlensender’
06. ‘The Approach’
07. ‘Nylon Mood’
08. ‘Alphabet City’
09. ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
10. ‘No Entiendes’
11. ‘Kurzstrecke’
12. ‘Golden Dawn’ (feat. Stefanie Parnow)
13. ‘Interdimensional Interferenc’
14. ‘Distant Paradise’
15. ‘Be’ (feat. Robert Owens)
16. ‘Vampir’
17. ‘Downtown 161’

Presented as a four-LP or two-CD release, Existenz is due out November 29th. In addition to the release Function with also embark on a global album tour including audiovisual shows at Berlin Atonal and rural festival in Japan. In the trailer for Existenz below, you will find that Function teases some album cuts while toying with its themes through the lens of 1980s American cable television. It’s alluring, mysterious and certainly gets you excited for it to unfold on it’s release date. Check it out alongside the dates for the Existenz tour.

Existenz tour dates:

1/9 – Atonal, Berlin
11/9 – Magick Bar, Rome
13/9 – Bassiani, Tbilisi
21/9 – Rural Festival, Nagano
28/9 – Vent, Tokyo
4/10 – Brown Alley, Melbourne
5/10 – Civic Underground, Sydney
11/10 – Bozidar, Ljubljana
12/10 – RB Music Festival, Istanbul
18/10 – ADE, Amsterdam
19/10 – Mutabor, Moscow
25/10 – Warehouse, Denver
26/10 – Warehouse, Los Angeles
1/11 – Basement, New York
2/11 – Flash DC, Washington DC
8/11 – Foro Normandie, Mexico City
15/11 – Culture Box, Copenhagen
16/11 – Elysia, Basel
22/11 – Bassiani, Tbilisi
29/11 – Bla, Oslo
30/11 – C12, Brussels
1/12 – OHM, Berlin
6/12 – Corsica Studios, London
7/12 – Kepler Club, Giovinazzo
27/12 – Bassiani, Tbilisi

More tba.

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