Jordan GCZ Short Attention Mix

It’s time for an exploration into Ambient-Jazz.

The last couple of years has seen Jordan GCZ of Juju & Jordash explore solo outings as both a Dj and producer. Since exercising these new avenues Jordan has showcased his undeniable talents as a selector with regular invitations from the likes of Rush Hour and names alike. In this affair, he further adds substance to that statement with a compelling podcast for the folks at Short Attention.

In just over an hour Jordan explores the realms of Ambient-Jazz as he blurs the lines between contemporary and classic. It’s a very cinematic affair that entertains little drum work up until the closing segments but instead focuses on the resonates in the atmospheric domain. This one’s a real diggers delight, the kind of mix you kick back with a hot beverage and just simply listen. With that being said, here it is below!

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