Ron Morelli DJ Mag Feature + Mix

L.I.E.S., L.I.E.S. & more L.I.E.S.

In DJ Mag’s lat­est edi­tion of The Sound Of’, they explore the lengthy cat­a­logue of Ron Morelli’s imprint L.I.E.S. along­side a pod­cast from the man him­self. The series aims to focus on the imprints we love; out­lets that are cham­pi­oning new artists, drop­ping key releas­es and dri­ving their respec­tive scenes.” Through­out the fea­ture, DJ mag unrav­el the 150+ releas­es on L.I.E.S reflect­ing on its ear­ly begin­ning and its devel­op­ment in sound. 

It’s raw, unre­strict­ed music that’s unafraid of pop­u­lar opin­ion but gains all the more respect for it.”

The accom­pa­ny­ing mix sees Ron piece togeth­er some of his favourites releas­es from the imprints ten years. DJ mag describes it as a chal­leng­ing offer­ing’ of rough-cut tech­no, twist­ed EBM and indus­tri­al con­structs. Tune in to the mix below and get the full scoop on that arti­cle here.

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