Suzanne Kraft On Ghostly International Compilation

Kraft returns to his SK U Kno moniker for an ambient workout.

Fol­low­ing on from his lat­est out­ing on Ani­mals Danc­ing, Suzanne Kraft returns to his SK U Kno moniker on this com­pi­la­tion by Ghost­ly International.

Thou­sands Of Eyes In The Dark fol­lows in the tra­di­tion of the label’s SMM releas­es, 2011’s Con­text and 2013’s Opi­ate. The acronym is unde­fined but refers to calm, slow-mov­ing music that strad­dles the synthetic/​organic divide,” accord­ing to the press release”.


01. SK U Kno — Cut and Faze
02. Emi­ly A. Sprague — Mesa
03. Grand Riv­er — This Was Us
04. Tadd Mullinix — Woman In The Dunes
05. Sarah Davachi — Sybil
06. Orcas — Rills
07. Khotin — Angel Epi­cen­ter
08. Saarisel­ka — Shep­herd Canyon
09. Space Afri­ka — Canu
10. Yosi Horikawa — Thalfang

Kraft’s addi­tion to the ten-track out­ing is a del­i­cate and emo­tive ambi­ent work­out. Plucked instru­ments meet delayed pads which ele­gant­ly sway to and fro like the ear­ly morn­ing tide on a breezy day. 

Check out the pre­view on the Ghost­ly Inter­na­tion­al site, here.

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