Suzanne Kraft On Ghostly International Compilation

Kraft returns to his SK U Kno moniker for an ambient workout.

Following on from his latest outing on Animals Dancing, Suzanne Kraft returns to his SK U Kno moniker on this compilation by Ghostly International.

Thousands Of Eyes In The Dark follows in the tradition of the label’s SMM releases, 2011’s Context and 2013’s Opiate. The acronym is undefined but refers to “calm, slow-moving music that straddles the synthetic/organic divide,” according to the press release”.


01. SK U Kno - Cut and Faze
02. Emily A. Sprague - Mesa
03. Grand River - This Was Us
04. Tadd Mullinix - Woman In The Dunes
05. Sarah Davachi - Sybil
06. Orcas - Rills
07. Khotin - Angel Epicenter
08. Saariselka - Shepherd Canyon
09. Space Afrika - Canu
10. Yosi Horikawa - Thalfang

Kraft’s addition to the ten-track outing is a delicate and emotive ambient workout. Plucked instruments meet delayed pads which elegantly sway to and fro like the early morning tide on a breezy day. 

Check out the preview on the Ghostly International site, here.

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