Bambounou closing set at Terraforma

No stone was left unturned at this years Terraforma.

Terraforma is one of the finer festivals to be found within Italy. It has gained a lot of attention for its forward-thinking programming which is always a healthy mix of both Italian and international artists. On closing duties this year was the fast-rising Parisian star Bambounou who sure didn’t disappoint with his highly anticipated performance.

Across two and a half hours Bambounou took several twists and turns showcasing the many facets to his craft. He finds an excellent starting point with heavily percussive workouts which are sharply met with an overwhelming helping of driving head spacey techno. Approaching the half waypoint Bambounou retreats from his militant techno assault into more horizontally included cuts but not for too long before reigniting the dancefloor with more heavy rhythms. Tune in below!

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