Donato Dozzy at Paral·lel Festival

A memorable perforamnce from Donato Dozzy this summer.

Autumn/winter is well and truly here and the summer of 2019 has slowly disintegrated into the past. Now we can only cherish the memories and the lasting impressions the festival season has bestowed upon us. Whether you were present or not, you can now cast yourself back to Paral·lel Festival this August where Donato Dozzy’s highly anticipated headlining performance is just about to get underway.

The recording, that’s just shy of 3 hours, comes in two parts offering two different emotive trips. Part 1, showcases Dozzy’s cunning abilities to read and work a dancefloor from ground zero. Here, he deploys spacey electronics alongside heavily percussive cuts slowly building the energy with every selection. By part 2, Dozzy is in full swing offering a techno masterclass of the highest nature. Mindbending synth lines come flying out of acid workouts, basslines tremble as drums hit with maximum impact. It’s Dozzy being Dozzy…. at his best. Enjoy!

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