Hunee launches new label 'Lifetone'

The enigmatic selector will now have his own platform to work from.

We shall not cease from exploration / and the end of all our exploring / will be to arrive where we started / and know the place for the first time.” Inscribed on the inaugural release you could say this quote from T.S. Eliot is the fundamental idea behind ‘Lifetone’. 

Having sent sonic shockwaves from one side of the world to the other with his refreshing take on presenting music, where nostalgia tangles with future sounds, Hunee will now be abled to further establish his vision via this newly formed label.

The debut release comes from Hydromantic, AKA Junior Boys’ Matthew Didemus and Martin Maischein. Hunee describes Lifetones001 as the outcome of their explorative approach towards timbre, rhythm and space.” 

Check out the preview below, out January 20th!

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