Suzanne Kraft at The Lot Radio

First one of the year from the LA native. 

SK’s first sonic shockwave of 2020 comes in the form of a direct transmission from The Lot Radio. Closing out 2019 Kraft crossed the Atlantic touching down on home soil for a series of shows that would also see him welcome the new year. Taking him to the east coast for an evening at Public Record’s Sound Room in New York, Kraft would also seize the opportunity to get busy at one of the city’s favourite hotspots. 

As we’ve come to expect from Suzanne Kraft, he is always armed with diverse selections. At a quick glance into his record bag, the casual consumer could see incoherence but this is what sets him apart. Naturally, he bridges gaps others don’t dare to or simply can not see. Comfortably, Kraft seamlessly blends the odd, the rare and the well sought-out. There is always one overriding trait with Suzanne Kraft…. and that is pure quality. Get amongst it below! 

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