The Hacker on Bordello A Parigi compilation

The French veteran returns to the Amsterdam based outfit.

The Hack­er last out­ed on Bor­del­lo A Pari­gi back in 2017 with his Mid­night Bliss EP — a club ready two track affair where Ita­lo meets Elec­tro. This time around he leads the way with the open­ing track on this brand new com­pi­la­tion series from the label titled Dia­monds In The Night. 

A homage to the hours of dark­ness (and the great com­pos­er who went by the name of Fel­li — R.I.P.). From ecsta­t­ic peak time dance floor action to erot­ic eupho­ria and its more edgy after hours just before dawn.”

A1. The Hack­er — Pas­sion
A2. Armon­ics — Uni­ver­sal One­ness
B1. Dis­co­be­ton — Leave Me Super­fi­cial
B2. Voiron — Voironia

Set­ting the tone of the release with Pas­sion, The Hack­er han­dles the ecsta­t­ic peak time dance floor action’ once again infus­ing Ita­lo Dis­co sounds with an over­rid­ing Elec­tro feel. Dreamy soar­ing pads orbit a pul­sat­ing arpeg­giat­ed basslines with very com­pelling results. He pol­ish­es the track off with pep­pered tom hits and the occa­sion­al twin­kling melody line to tie it all togeth­er. Try it out below! 

releas­es Jan­u­ary 202020

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