Interstellar Funk's 5 Favourite B-Sides

5 B-sides with the Artificial Dance head honcho. 

One of Amsterdam’s finest selectors, he brings together new and old sounds, rooted firmly in house and techno. From new wave to jack tracks, his selections ooze rawness and character, and firmly display the education he received as resident DJ at the now defunct but legendary venue, Trouw and currently at it’s successor, De School.” 

Electronic Beats TV sure had high praise for Interstellar Funk as you can see in the above quote. For this reason, they were eager to visit him at his home in Amsterdam and hear what his 5 favourite B-Sides are. 


Transllusion - You’re holding me up 
Unit Moebius - Swamp Thing
Melody Boy 2000 - Sound Stealer 
J.T. Stewart - Krill 
The Human League - 4JG

Interestingly enough the last cut is an unreleased track by The Human League and will feature on Interstellar Funk’s forthcoming artist compilation on Rush Hour, see here. Tune into the full feature below. 

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