Sebastian Mullaert 'Moonwaker' single

Listen to the latest single from Sebastian Mullaert’s forthcoming album Natthall

Earlier this year Sebastian Mullaert announced his latest creative project which finds him working alongside the Tonhalle Orchester Zürich (one of the top 10 philharmonics in the world). Collectively they have composed an eight-track album titled Natthall set for release later this year. Following on from the first single of the album ‘Ascending Of A Spotless Bird’ is their latest ‘Moonwaker’. 

it is one of the best recent examples of how electronic and classical music can coexist not only harmoniously, but in a truly interesting way.”

Moonwaker seamlessly weaves the threads of Sebastian’s electronic miscellaneous with the rich and organic sounds of classical music. Currently, the track features on the homepage of Apple Music’s ‘classical’ genre with a 2 week exclusive of the music video. You can also listen to Moonwaker below. 

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