Octo Live Stream: GiGi FM

GiGi FM streams in aid of ‘Solace’ helping vulnerable Women and Children in London.

As you may or may not know last month we launched our Octo Live Stream working with our roster of artists who will transmit to you direct from isolation. Each artist will select a charity tackling corona based issues that you can support if possible. Every little helps! Taking to the stage this week was an artist who made a name as a firm fixture of South-London’s close-nit music scene, taking part in organising parties in DIY spaces and DJing regularly across the city!

Streaming alone from the London based Venue MOT Unit 18 & Unit 20, GiGi FM treat us two 4.5 hours of sonic healing. Restoring some balance and nourishing senses she walked us through segments of poetry, ambience, downtempo electronics, techno, jungle and more. This one comes in two parts, pt.1 & pt.2

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