Palms Trax on Boiler Room

A special one from the English selector in isolation. 

The age of live streaming has never been more significant than in these current times. Usually dividing opinion on dancefloors, it has now become our only option to stay connected as we follow advice from health officials. As a dominant player in the streaming world Boiler Room have continued to do what they do best by providing reruns, new faces and fresh live streams with artists in isolation. 

Last Sunday, in high anticipation, they welcomed Palms Trax back onto the channel for two hours of sought-out selections live from his home studio. Cast yourself back to your favourite festival grounds and with this soundtrack, you are pretty much there – or as close as you will be for now. Palms Trax depicts finer times as he dives into his summer playlists rich with house grooves, disco bombs and a vast array of sounds from around the world. Time to shine up those shoes and dance like no one’s watching, see here

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