Palms Trax on Boiler Room

A spe­cial one from the Eng­lish selec­tor in isolation. 

The age of live stream­ing has nev­er been more sig­nif­i­cant than in these cur­rent times. Usu­al­ly divid­ing opin­ion on dance­floors, it has now become our only option to stay con­nect­ed as we fol­low advice from health offi­cials. As a dom­i­nant play­er in the stream­ing world Boil­er Room have con­tin­ued to do what they do best by pro­vid­ing reruns, new faces and fresh live streams with artists in isolation. 

Last Sun­day, in high antic­i­pa­tion, they wel­comed Palms Trax back onto the chan­nel for two hours of sought-out selec­tions live from his home stu­dio. Cast your­self back to your favourite fes­ti­val grounds and with this sound­track, you are pret­ty much there – or as close as you will be for now. Palms Trax depicts fin­er times as he dives into his sum­mer playlists rich with house grooves, dis­co bombs and a vast array of sounds from around the world. Time to shine up those shoes and dance like no one’s watch­ing, see here

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