The Abysmal Cricket Orchestra

Get acquainted with Max Abysmal and thousands of crickets for a special side project. 

Somewhat of a pillar of the underground scene, Max Abysmal has certainly carved his own niche bringing an unrivalled degree of eclecticism. He has earned his stripes with club shows across Europe and beyond as well as his hometown residencies at De School and favourite hangout Garage Noord. However, in his side project ‘The Abysmal Cricket Orchestra’ he presents a one of a kind concept that goes beyond his craftsmanship on the dancefloor. 

For their latest live series at Het Hem, a new creative playground on the border of Amsterdam and neighbour Zaandam, Max presented his live improvisation project which features an array of synthesizers and thousands of crickets. Here he combines the machine-generated sounds of synthesis alongside the organic soundscape textures created by the distinct chirping of his collaborative insects. Taken from his hour-long performance Max has dissected three experts that capture the project at its best. Try them out below. 

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