The Hacker at Unpolished

Something different from The Hacker at the 2020 edition of Unpolished. 

Self-claimed as ‘The Roughest Weekend Of The Year’ Unpolished is an event with a heavy focus on fast punchy rhythms, furious energy and an overabundance of bone-crunching distortion. The party often encourages artists to try out something different allowing them to explore new territories. In this year’s affair, our veteran of the scene The Hacker was invited for a hardcore set that following its announcement built up high anticipation. 

Stepping onto the stage at peak time The Hacker delivered exactly that the doctor ordered. Digging deep into his crates he showcased his knowledge of early hardcore with spectacular results. From the get-go, the Frenchman is unforgiving in his selections testing the newly installed system for everything it is worth… This one is a lesson in itself as The Hacker teaches you the true roots of Hardcore before it only became about how fast the record was. Dig in below. 

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