Gesloten Cirkel returns as Ratsnake

Lightening strikes twice! 

Several weeks ago Bandcamp announced they would be waiving off fees March 20th meaning artists would receive 100% on purchases made on that day. In light of the occasion, Gesloten Cirkel caught everyone by surprise as he came through with an under the radar release via his Ratsnake alias. Upon Bandcamp’s second day of waived fees (May 1st) a second Ratsnake EP surfaced. In this release, ПЛЕДЖЕ, the enigmatic producer compiles six tracks fresh our the studio and a bonus live version. 

1. (LIVE from) ПЛЕДЖЕ 
2. ПЛЯЖ 
3. Lamp 
4. Marbles 
5. First Micro-Cell 
6. Aprilfool
7. Sea-Spray 

Those of you with a well-informed ear may have noticed a selection of these works also featured in a rare live stream from Gesloten Cirkel through our Facebook channel a few weeks ago, see here. Oozing in raw synthesis, fiery acid lines and classic hardware drum sounds they both embody a sound that is the elixir of life for the true analog freaks. 

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