Sassy J Phonographe Corp podcast

Brighten up your day with a dose of Sassy J.

Hot off the heels of her acclaimed Patch­work com­pi­la­tion on Rush Hour, Sassy J is serv­ing up more musi­cal del­i­ca­cies for your enjoy­ment. In this affair, she marks the 327th pod­cast for French out­let Phono­graphe Corp who were des­per­ate to grab a mix from the Bern selec­tor upon hear­ing her lat­est release. 

Over the course of the mix, Sassy J cre­ates an hour of bright and engag­ing sounds as she selects from her deep and diverse crates. Mov­ing through mod­ern funk, dis­co, beat and ambi­ent works she weaves the gen­res togeth­er with an informed and artis­tic flair – text­book Sassy J style. If this one does­n’t have your hips swing­ing in iso­la­tion we don’t know what will. Tune in below. 

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