Woody92 Mirror Zone Virus Stream

Some more streaming action to keep you ticking over. 

In mid-April Mirror Zone, a label hailing from Delft, teamed up with The Hague based club Het Magazijn for an evening of musically fueled live streams. To be found amongst the Mirror Zone crew that evening was a long time friend of the label and a fellow Delft based artist in Woody92

Supplying an hour of unworldly sounds, in addition to the supporting artwork, Woody showcased the trippier and extraterrestrial side to his arsenal. Luring you into enchanted soundscapes in the opening passages he then goes onto to deploy heavily rhythmic and low-end heavy cuts keeping things electrically charged around the 140 bpm mark. From alien ambient to oddball leftfield electronics to well-informed psytrance rarities the mix creates a sound of its own. Lock in below!

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