GiGi FM at HÖR

From London to Berlin. 

GiGi FM is a French/Italian force well and truly to be reckoned with. Associating textures and colours with the sounds she hears, GiGi has a truly unique approach to collecting, selecting, playing and making music affording her a natural ability to create atmospheres and ambience unlike many others. In her latest outing, she dropped by Berlin’s HÖR radio for a sonic exploration into her inter-dimensional world…

Tuning in below you will be sharply locked into off-kilter rhythms, chopping breaks and playful tempo changes. The show has an overriding DnB theme throughout but GiGi still manages to weave in fragments of her signature style with very coherent results. Here you can find the works of Homemade Weapons and Wetman sat alongside the likes of Donato Dozzy, Wata Igarashi, Carl Craig and more. 

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