Woody92 Patterns of Perception Mix

Step into the world of Woody92 with this mix + interview.

Han­dling the 68th edi­tion of the Pat­terns of Per­cep­tion mix series is the enig­mat­ic artist Woody92. In addi­tion to the 80-minute out­ing, Woody also spoke to the out­fit in a lengthy inter­view which touch­es on; his recent hap­pen­ings, main influ­ences out­side of music, the evo­lu­tion of his sound, res­i­den­cy at De School and much more — see here. Some words on the mix below…

Woody92 has left a deep mark on the Dutch under­ground scene, thanks to his tru­ly unique syn­the­ses of the med­i­ta­tive, trib­al, tran­scen­den­tal, and trip­py. All of these influ­ences can be heard (and per­haps – if you close your eyes – seen) in his Pat­terns of Per­cep­tion 68, with its deep and glitchy rhythms com­bin­ing with trip­py and more exper­i­men­tal sounds to cre­ate a deeply intel­li­gent and intri­cate­ly arranged selec­tion, bridg­ing tex­tured exper­i­men­tal with propul­sive tech­no, breaks and beyond.”

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