Mutek invite Bambounou

Several creative bodies came together for an evening of music. 

Bambounou is the product of a vast internal landscape where he roves freely in search of inspiration. Just as his alloyed French-Malian-Polish background has grown him a strong backbone of musical independence, so too has his love for astrophysics and dystopian sci-fi been distilled into futuristic interpretations UK techno, IDM and tribal sources. With this in mind, Mutek found him the ideal candidate for their latest creative collaboration held in Paris this past week. With the support of the Consulat Général de France à Québec and Chapelle XIV Bambounou took to the airways for a special stream with the visual support of Dylan Cote.

Piecing together an hour-long trip of many highs and lows Bambounou showcases the depth of his sonic arsenal in this one. In the opening passages, the Parisian selector uses large atmospheres, cinematic textures and spoken word to create a sense of impending action. As he gently moves onto spacious rhythms Bambounou begins to steadily push the pace into heavier-duty works matching micro sounds with shades of his signature style. 

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