Identified Patient b2b Gamma Intel

The pair deliv­er a dev­as­tat­ing 90 minute set for Dek­man­tel Con­nects, their recent dig­i­tal festival..

Iden­ti­fied Patient is a DJ dynamo, a man whose sets pulse with so much ener­gy that the walls rat­tle. His style of machine funk is men­ac­ing but com­pelling, all his music mak­ing for irre­sistibly phys­i­cal sound­tracks, as heard on his new Nerve Deposit EP for our Dek­man­tel UFO label. He pairs off at Dek­man­tel Con­nects with good friend Gam­ma Intel, a brokn­toys and Pinkman asso­ciate bring­ing rugged new age elec­tron­i­ca, sinewy synths and bust­ed elec­tro rhythms.

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