New Steve Bicknell Ep

Steve Bicknell announces ‘A Day in the Life’, a 6-track Ep coming soon on KR3 Records..

A Day in the Life - is the first chapter of a dedicated series fully curated by Steve Bicknell for KR3.

This bold new work by the veteran English artist provides an insight into the mind of the artist.

Side A features three tracks by The Evader, another face of Steve Bicknell. An obscure intro leads us straight to the point: 4/4 sounds, repetitive and hypnotic, not afraid to be heavy. In fact, that’s the point: to take everything that is a burden to us and embrace it. After all, there can be no light without darkness.

On Side B, Steve Bicknell has a killer approach. A parallel rail to Side A, with a more furious, yet still gloomy feel. He moves in the same direction but vents different emotions. The sound is harder, rawer, faster and more impetuous.
An outro ends the EP, as if to represent a circle closing: The first lap inside A day in the life.

releases July 27, 2021

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