New Marco Shuttle album

Shuttle's third LP entitled 'Cobalt Desert Oasis' drops very soon via Incienso..

Mar­co Shut­tle’s third album, Cobalt Desert Oasis, fea­tures a var­ied col­lec­tion of music record­ed across a two year peri­od. Often trav­el­ing to remote des­ti­na­tions, Mar­co would come back to Berlin with field record­ings, images, and oth­er inspi­ra­tions to process in his stu­dio and turn into sound.

The theme of the jour­ney turns into a some­thing more abstract than a trav­el diary, where envi­ron­men­tal sounds blend in with mod­u­lar syn­the­sis, drum machines, effects and ana­log oscil­la­tors result­ing in a cin­e­mat­ic lis­ten­ing expe­ri­ence where psy­che­delia, rit­u­al­ism, and mys­ti­cism weave togeth­er in a sort of alien sound­scape — that as the title of the album sug­gests, is rem­i­nis­cent of a par­al­lel utopi­an world.

The album is rich in com­plex rhyth­mics, and more than in any of his pre­vi­ous work, has strong acoustic ele­ments. Amongst oth­er per­cus­sion instru­ments, Mar­co used the Tombak, a tra­di­tion­al Per­sian hand drum capa­ble of reach­ing a very wide range of fre­quen­cies — from deep round sub­by toms, to high pitched sharp rimshots, through­out the record.

Mar­co Shut­tle is cer­tain­ly not new to these sort of ele­ments, but in Cobalt Desert Oasis he brings the envi­ron­men­tal ele­ment of his sound into the fore­front in a way that takes the lis­ten­er into a hazy expanse where it is some­times dif­fi­cult to dis­tin­guish the machine ele­ments from the nat­ur­al — and where the music almost becomes a visu­al expe­ri­ence, which relates to Mar­co’s own pho­tog­ra­phy used through­out the cov­er and insert images.

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