Donato Dozzy releases new recorded set

Dona­to Dozzy has released a record­ing of a per­for­mance in Rome at the Pescheria on 15th Decem­ber 2021.

The Pescheria is a small venue which is a very spe­cial place for musi­cal exper­i­men­ta­tion in Rome. Ran by Trop­i­can­tes­i­mo, the space hosts a record library and cosy gath­er­ings where guests can lis­ten to, dis­cuss and expe­ri­ence music.

The set had an inti­mate audi­ence of only 40 peo­ple, with Dona­to Dozzy play­ing most of his selec­tions in the wrong speed,” rework­ing them to fit around his eclec­tic choices.

You can lis­ten to the set on Sound­cloud below. 

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