Marco Shuttle's EP, 4UKRAINE

Marco Shuttle's latest EP, 4UKRAINE is dedicated to those affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The release con­sists of 4 unre­leased tracks from the Ital­ian-born DJ and pro­duc­er. Regard­ing his moti­va­tion for this project, Mar­co wrote:

I feel it’s every­one’s duty to to raise their voice and sup­port the Ukrain­ian peo­ple who are stand­ing against this heinous inva­sion defend­ing not only their inde­pen­dence and their free­dom but the very core val­ues of our civil­i­sa­tion.

I think we, as human beings, have a price­less debt towards the Ukrain­ian peo­ple and for us DJs, pro­duc­ers, club­bers, ravers etc. this debt is even big­ger.

Every­body who was lucky enough to go play­ing or club­bing to Ukraine knows very well what a spe­cial expe­ri­ence that was, per­son­al­ly I can eas­i­ly say that it has been my favourite place in Europe to play in the last years and i feel extreme­ly grate­ful to this land and its peo­ple for the hap­pi­ness they gave me…this is the right time time to pay some of that hap­pi­ness back.”

All income gen­er­at­ed will go The Voic­es for the chil­dren” a foun­da­tion that has been help­ing chil­dren affect­ed by the war since 2015 pro­vid­ing psy­cho­log­i­cal and psy­choso­cial sup­port. It helps them over­come the con­se­quences of armed con­flict and devel­op. Today, dur­ing the full-scale Russ­ian inva­sion of Ukraine, they are pro­vid­ing non-stop assis­tance to affect­ed chil­dren and fam­i­lies from all over the coun­try, pro­vid­ing emer­gency psy­cho­log­i­cal assis­tance, and assist­ing in the evac­u­a­tion process.

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