Legowelt Remixes Les Yeux Orange

Legow­elt remix­es Zadik Zecharia,” a track from Les Yeux Orange.

Read the full back­sto­ry:

Our sto­ry begins in Jerusalem 1980 — Zadik Zecharia — a folk musi­cian whose spe­cial­i­ty is the Zor­na — a tra­di­tion­al kur­dish wood­wind instru­ment — record­ed a cas­sette of kur­dish melodies played on Zor­na and Dola, a kur­dish drum.

The tape was released inde­pen­dent­ly and dis­trib­uted main­ly around the kur­dish-jew­ish com­mu­ni­ty in Israel. Zadik most­ly per­formed at wed­dings and haflas / cel­e­bra­tions and was also known by the nick­name Iron Lungs”, because of his abil­i­ty to take only a few paus­es for breath dur­ing his long gigs.

In 2005, one tape found its way to Some­thing on the Road” — an under­ground CD‑r Jerusalem based label which reis­sued the music on CD‑r. Overnight, these intense melodies became a cult phe­nom­e­na in the hip­ster-ish cir­cles of Jerusalem and beyond. The kur­dish melodies could sud­den­ly be heard dur­ing dj sets, top­ping elec­tron­ic beats, or adding drones to heavy exper­i­men­tal ses­sions. which lat­er led Some­thing on the Road­’s” founder to ini­ti­ate a remix com­pi­la­tion with Jerusalem’s finest pro­duc­ers. One of them is yours tru­ly, Mule Dri­ver. The remix has became a cult by its own.

Fast for­ward to present time, a con­ver­sa­tion with Legow­elt about folk music led Mule Dri­ver to dig an unre­leased longer ver­sion of this tech­no remix. As well as ask the mighty Legow­elt for his inter­pre­ta­tion, that turned out as a killer acid track fol­lowed by an EBM — elec­tro bel­ter by Juju (Juju and Jor­dash) and PRZ (Clone).”

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