Interstellar Funk chats with Jaeger Oslo

Inter­stel­lar Funk sat down with Jaeger to dis­cuss the evo­lu­tion of his sound, ahead of the Dek­man­tel show­case at the Oslo club.

Chart­ing his jour­ney to becom­ing one of the most rep­utable elec­tron­ic artists in the scene today, Olf van Elden (Inter­stel­lar Funk) is cer­tain­ly an Ams­ter­dam-grown talent. 

Between his asso­ci­a­tions with Dek­man­tel; his ear­li­er work at Rush Hour; and his var­i­ous con­nec­tions with the peo­ple behind Club11/​Trouw/​De School he is some­thing of an Ams­ter­dam insti­tu­tion in his own way. A reg­u­lar fix­ture at the Dek­man­tel fes­ti­val since its incep­tion, Inter­stel­lar Funk is prac­ti­cal­ly part of the crew there. He is one of the most-fea­tured artists on the line­up, and when they are tour­ing the Dek­man­tel fes­ti­val around clubs around Europe, he is on the fig­u­ra­tive tour bus…” (Jaeger).

With such a long-stand­ing alliance, when releas­ing his debut album Into the Echo this year, it only seemed right that it was on the Dek­man­tel imprint. 

Read the whole inter­view here to delve deep­er into van Elden’s sto­ry, his musi­cal tastes and incli­na­tions.

This inter­view was ahead of the show­case at Jaeger on 21st Octo­ber, which saw Casper Tiel­rooij and Inter­stel­lar Funk fly the flag for Dek­man­tel along­side Nefer­ti­ti, g‑HA & Olanskii.

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