Interstellar Funk & Loradeniz - Never Been

Inter­stel­lar Funk has released his first col­lab­o­ra­tive record with Istan­bul-born, Ams­ter­dam-based artist, Loradeniz.

The record exam­ines the inter­play of syn­thet­ic melodies and Loradeniz’s vocals, which are under­pinned by metic­u­lous­ly craft­ed rhythms. Steeped in melan­choly, many of the tracks on Nev­er Been evoke the essence of depar­ture, com­plex emo­tions and fad­ing memories.

Lim­it­ed white­la­bel copies have been avail­able at Rush Hour, Red Light Records and the Artif­i­cal Dance Band­camp. As of Jan­u­ary 16th, the com­plete album is avail­able to order here.

All tracks were pro­duced in the Sum­mer of 2021, dur­ing an artist res­i­den­cy at the Volk­shotel in Ams­ter­dam by both Inter­stel­lar Funk & Lorad­eniz. The record was mixed and mas­tered by Neel at Eniss­lab Studio.

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