Young Marco - What You Say?

The wait is final­ly over, Young Mar­cos instant clas­sic, What You Say? is here.

Maybe this is your first encounter. Or per­haps you were there dur­ing Mar­co’s viral Boil­er Room set at Dek­man­tel fes­ti­val. Or per­haps you heard it spun by some of the indus­try’s biggest names in recent weeks, since the likes of Job Job­se, KI/KI, Peg­gy Gou and the triple-threat that is Fred again…, Skrillex and Four Tet have all unleashed it on unsus­pect­ing crowds. 

Either way, the dance­floor anthem has been spread­ing like wild­fire ever since that first smash-hit Boil­er Room appearance.

With already such an impres­sive DJ career under his belt, What You Say? is sure to break new ter­ri­to­ry for Mar­co. After being picked up by Min­istry of Sound and Sony and tipped as Radio 1 Dance’s Hottest Record, it marks a shift from under­ground hero to main­stream hit-maker.

The track­’s his­to­ry traces back to the con­fus­ing and con­tem­pla­tive days of lock­down. With much of Mar­co’s liveli­hood as a DJ depend­ing on large groups of peo­ple being togeth­er, at times the future did­n’t look too bright. That’s when Imo­gen Heap’s lyrics from Hide and Seek (the sam­pled track), took on a poignant note.

There is some­thing about the vocal sam­ple by the amaz­ing Imo­gen Heap which feels very cur­rent, reflec­tive and heal­ing at this exact moment in time. My heart skipped a beat when I was lis­ten­ing to it on a rainy day dur­ing one of the lock­downs in the pan­dem­ic and I knew I had to build a song around it. I could almost already see people’s response to it. To actu­al­ly see it hap­pen now is quite surreal.’

Young Marco - What You Say?

Where are we? What the hell is going on? The dust has only just begun to fall,” sings Heap, in the ethe­re­al orig­i­nal track that already cap­tured the heart of Mil­lenials and Gen Z alike, after being fea­tured in tele­vi­sion series, The O.C. and Nor­mal Peo­ple as well as being sam­pled by Jason Deru­lo. While lis­ten­ing to the track again dur­ing the pan­dem­ic, Mar­co felt it per­fect­ly encap­su­lat­ed the unique emo­tion­al roller­coast­er we were col­lec­tive­ly going through. Beyond that, he envi­sioned the impact it could have once we could all dance togeth­er again. And at Dek­man­tel 2022, that dream became every­thing he’d imag­ined, and more.

As the very last song in his set, What You Say? sent the crowd into ecsta­sy. A tru­ly full-cir­cle moment for Mar­co, who had imag­ined that moment over and over again before expe­ri­enc­ing it IRL. Now viewed near­ly 200,000 times — the moment has been shared with more than just the inti­mate crowd lucky enough to be there in person.

What You Say?
was released 13th Jan­u­ary 2023 by Safe Trip/​Ministry of Sound/​Sony.

Buy here, lis­ten here, and read more in 3voor12.

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