GiGi FM: Deepspace

GiGi FM composes an ambient piece as part of a choreographic duet, "Deepspace".

I hope you expe­ri­ence the blur­ry inter­sec­tion between liv­ing and dream­ing with me. I hope we trans­late per­cep­tions of every­day real­i­ties togeth­er, find com­fort in our bod­ies, vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty of our bod­ies, tame­ness, wilder­ness and trav­el­ling togeth­er to dif­fer­ent realms[…]”

GiGi FM: Deepspace

Pos­ing the ques­tion, how does sci­ence feel from the per­spec­tive of the moon?” GiGi FM takes part in an explorato­ry jour­ney through space via chore­og­ra­phy and sound. 

Her new­ly com­posed ambi­ent work offers a son­ic jour­ney before trav­el­ling to deep­space’ with a chore­og­ra­phy duet by James Batchelor.

Exhib­it­ed from 14th March — 17th March from 19:30 at Trau­ma Bar und Kino, a per­for­mance venue in Berlin. 

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