Emily Jeanne: PM+ 12 Liquid Crystal / Lagune

PM+ wel­comes back tech­no mis­fit Emi­ly Jeanne for a sec­ond round of pre­ci­sion club inci­sions which rev­el in the kind of squirm­ing sound design that make our synaps­es stand on end.

Liq­uid Crys­tal’ main­tains the seduc­tive poise and restrained inten­si­ty of Jeanne’s pri­or out­ing on our hum­ble label, keep­ing a firm grip on the top-line ener­gy and let­ting the insis­tent purr of the bass guide you towards total soundsys­tem hyp­no­sis. The trick is in the mid-range, where the detail writhes and squirms its way through this med­i­ta­tive cham­ber of rhythm sci­ence craft­ed by one of mod­ern techno’s most star­tling voices.

The focus on tran­scen­den­tal fun­da­men­tals main­tains on Lagune’, which threads acoustic and syn­thet­ic per­cus­sion togeth­er into one dense­ly knit­ted fab­ric designed to cloak the mind. Res­o­nant over­tones bleed out into loom­ing atmos­pher­ics, and Jeanne holds down an unre­lent­ing focus on the roll and rum­ble of the beat, mak­ing this a vital soundsys­tem asset for any­one unsat­is­fied with the con­cept of the one-dimen­sion­al DJ tool’.

Writ­ten & Pro­duced by Emi­ly Jeanne
Art­work by Håkan Ull­berg
Mas­ter­ing by Isle Audio

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