Welcome Antal!

If you have ever seen Antal dj, you know the amount of ener­gy he brings to his rotary mix­er is unpar­al­leled. Apart from being an excep­tion­al DJ, Antal is also an entre­pre­neur, a cura­tor, foot­ball train­er and co-founder of Rush Hour Records.

With a record col­lec­tion as huge as it is wide in taste, he is just as com­fort­able spin­ning Chica­go and Detroit influ­enced house as he is play­ing rare funk, for­got­ten dis­co or a beau­ti­ful boo­gie gem.

Yet, this wide range of styles comes nat­u­ral­ly.​“Often, the best nights are the ones where I feel I can play any­thing, no mat­ter how sharp my selec­tion is.” It is this selec­tion which is key, here. Antal can make you dance to an obscure track, because he knows exact­ly how and when to drop it. He plays songs you nev­er knew you need­ed in your life.

Ready to book him? Reach out to Antals agent, Chiara. 

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