Cooking With Palms Trax Spotify Playlist

From radio shows to playlists there is always some­thing cook­ing up in Palms Traxs kitchen. 

For sev­er­al years now Palms Trax has been pro­vid­ing musi­cal delights via his Cook­ing With Palms Trax radio show. Found­ed on Berlin Com­mu­ni­ty Radio, but now ful­ly resid­ing at NTS, the show gives a great insight into the taste­ful selec­tor’s efforts in unearthing lost and for­got­ten trea­sures. Check out the last one here

If that isn’t enough to sat­is­fy all your musi­cal needs then fear not as Palms Trax puts togeth­er a very healthy playlist for Spo­ti­fy. He states, Made a playlist on Spo­ti­fy which I’ll be updat­ing reg­u­lar­ly with tunes from my radio show”. The first series of tracks to be uploaded into the playlist cov­er a diverse selec­tion of music touch­ing on sev­er­al con­ti­nents. From the sounds of the Cape Verde Islands to the Ara­bic lands and back to South Africa there’s cer­tain­ly a lot of son­ic trav­el­ling involved. Check it out below!

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